April 2022 Newsletter


Dear Students and Families,

We have squeezed so much learning into this year already, and seen students improve their subject understanding and problem-solving skills.

We wanted to remind you that we have a very clear Covid-19 safe plan to protect students, their families and tutors, if you feel more comfortable to have a zoom session, we are also available in that format. While many of you have been home isolating due to a having a close contact in your household, we can also assist you with tutoring sessions during school hours.

Please only attend Study Space if you are feeling healthy, and free of Covid-19 symptoms. All of our staff are fully vaccinated, we ask that any parents who attend the centre are also fully vaccinated, and everyone present in the centre will need to wear masks during their attendance and also use hand sanitiser on arrival.

If you or any member of your household has Covid-19 and you are required to isolate, your session will be transferred to a Zoom class. Any cancellations will require 48 hours’ notice, otherwise the session will require full payment. A reminder that cancellations are only applicable for illness-based appointments where we can provide some flexibility depending on when tutors are available. We request that you commit to all lessons during the term, cancellations outside of covid related illnesses will incur a cancellation fee.

It is important that you contact us to confirm and book in your Term 2 tutoring sessions. Much like school, we have changes to scheduling each term in regard to teachers’ availabilities and also the number of students in the centre during each session. We are also happy to explore other subjects that you would like to take up next term with our expert tutors.

Please remember that we will still be open during the school holidays, please give 1 weeks’ notice if you would like tutoring during the Easter holidays.




A big thank you to all the parents who support and trust us, we are thrilled to have seen our tutoring support has driven some amazing results with assessment results, improvement in class placements and an overall confidence when it comes to subject understanding.

Such wonderful results are coming through from our Year 12 students, keep up the great work- you have 6 months to go and we are here to support you.

Congratulations to our scholarship students for their persistence, dedication to their studies and getting through the first academic round. We want to wish you all the best with your interviews, stay positive and show them how you shine with all of your talents.



NAPLAN is a grading tool (years 3, 5, 7, 9) that schools and students use to help with development, in our eyes it is a way that we can help students benchmark where they are at and set goals.

Now is the time to start thinking about preparing your student for tests so that they feel confident and supported when it comes to NAPLAN time.

We can help your student by:

  • establishing problem solving techniques
  • practice with old exams and review the approach to tackle questions
  • preparation for the day
  • understanding timing and how to finish the test with enough time to review
  • refreshing their understanding of a year’s worth of content

At this time of year our teachers are making time for extra sessions, if you would like to book in please contact us.



Has your student selected an international language for electives at school- the Study Space language program is becoming increasingly popular.

We have highly experienced French, Spanish, Hebrew and Mandarin teachers offering programs for students.

In addition to this we have specialised teachers who can teach English as a second language, they can help enhance a student’s understanding across all subjects if they learn the basic fundamentals of English, how to understand school questions and how to problem solve.

Whether your student is learning for the HSC, IB or for a general interest, our teachers are proficient in all levels and know the required assessment criteria. If you are also interested in learning other languages other than our current list, please get in touch.

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