August 2022 Newsletter


Dear Students and Families,

Good luck to all of the students who are sitting the ICAs tests. If you are still unsure about the significance of these tests please speak to us.

Year 12 HSC trials are starting, these assessments will affect the final HSC results, now is the time to really ramp up tutoring and learning personalised study skills.

If you are due to sit an AIIWELL or placement test for next year this is also the time when they will be happening, it is an opportunity to excel and build confidence in students. The more you are prepared, the more you will reduce stress levels.

Now is the time to really show how you shine and see all of your hard work as it is put to the test. We are so proud of our students and their positive attitude.

We also wanted to remind you that we have a number of additional resources for your students to borrow between tutoring sessions, these include books and learning tools- we can inform you about which would suit your student’s tutoring sessions.

Looking forward to seeing you all when you are in the centre next time.



Whilst there is a debate on how much tech is too much, we have an approach to engage students in a modern way that can adapt their skills in either a paper or tech world.

If your child has been allocated homework by their teacher on a laptop or computer here are some tips from us:

  • always keep an eye on the screen, so that they are focussed on the task at hand and not tempted to switch to YouTube or social media
  • limit computer time in general so that they know exactly how long they can be on their device
  • implement a break time so that your student has the opportunity to focus their eyes elsewhere, straining their eyes for too long can cause headaches and lack of concentration
  • ensure that their laptop is at eye level and they are not hunching over their device
  • find interesting apps like reading eggs or mathletics that will challenge them and set goals
  • talk to your child about using the internet safely
  • typing will always be a skill that your student can use, set them some challenges to know the placement of the letters
  • speak to us at Study Space about what programs your child should be using


If your child is starting prep or Kindergarten next year NOW is the time to start getting them ready.
Some of our favourite tips from our kindy teachers are:

  • Practice writing their first and last name each morning
  • Sing counting songs up to twenty and backwards
  • Read a story together each night and use your finger as a guide highlighting sight words like ‘and’ ‘the’ ‘I’ ‘you’ ‘it’
  • Get your child to pack their own bag before daycare/ preschool
  • If you can, start driving or walking past their new school once a month so they are familiar with the space
  • Have fun talking about that next big step in their life and ENJOY THE NEXT 6 MONTHS with your little one!
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