July 2022 Newsletter


Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to Semester 2. We hope that your mid year break was wonderful and you had a balance between rest and adventure.

We are so proud of our students in Semester 1, we saw them focus on a growth vs fixed mindset towards learning. These techniques have allowed our students to reach their own personal best, explore effective strategies, new concepts and ideas. This will be a focus of ours in Semester 2 to really see our students shine.

I am thrilled to see that so many students did well in their mid-year exams and also had glowing school reports. The hard work of the students and their tutors really showed strong results, next are parent teacher interviews and we look forward to hearing how they go.

If you are considering taking up additional tutoring this semester please let me know, all schedules will be completed by week 2 of semester 2.



Some tips on how to make the most out of your parent teacher interviews:

  • Speak to your child about any concerns they have at the school, whether it be social or about their learning
  • Ask your child what they believe they are excelling at and where they believe they could improve
  • Write a list of discussion points from your own observations about your child’s skills, and also add some of their points, bring the list to the meeting
  • If possible arrange for your child to be babysat so that you can focus on your parent teacher meeting
  • If your child’s teacher provides feedback on areas for improvement as for specific feedback so that we can help bring them up to speed
  • Most importantly, use these sessions to learn more about how you can support your child to be the best that they can be
  • If you have any questions or concerns let us know at the centre.

ICAS Exams

(International Competitions and Assessments for Schools)

This August we will see students between Year 2-12 sit ICAS tests that are used by schools and teachers to track each student’s progress. Now is the time to start talking to students about how to really show their skills in exam format so that their results reflect their hard work.

We have the opportunity to work with students on past papers and also exam techniques this July, ready for next month. The subjects that will be covered are english, maths, science, writing, spelling and digital technologies. Before you book your tutoring session check that your school participates in ICAS.

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