March 2022 Newsletter


Dear Students and Families,

We have loved seeing students back and raring to go for 2022.

Since we last spoke many of you have celebrated and welcomed the year of the tiger. People born in the year of the tiger are known to be brave, strong-willed, pioneering, outspoken, playful and enthusiastic- these traits have been the key to overcoming many of the challenges over the past 2 years, and are qualities of our students who have grown and improved their focus and learning over this time.

This month we wanted to get you right into the swing of things with some of our favourite tips and tricks when it comes to study and acing that next test.

We also wanted to flag with you that Naplan (year 3, 5, 7 and 9) and term 1 assessment planning really needs to start now, our tutors are well resourced to support students, let us know if you have any questions about the planning, revision and sample tests.

See you next time in the centre!



Does your student ever feel like giving up? By having the right problem solving skills and processes, they will be well on the way to building confidence and develop their understanding of how to get their answers right time after time.

Strategies include:

  • find a pattern
  • make a table, graph or chart
  • make and organised list
  • draw a picture or a diagram
  • guess, check and revise
  • logical reasoning
  • work backward
  • write an equation
  • solve a simpler problem
  • use multiple strategies
  • simulate a problem
  • choose a formula

We are here to help with all of the steps above, and find that as soon as our students have some of these strategies up their sleeve they are more confident and ready to excel even further.



We are thrilled that students are now back at school, some tips that our colleagues have noticed really make the adjustment easier:

  • remember covid safety- sanitiser clips on school bags, a few extra face masks as back up in their bags and a full bottle of water so they can avoid the bubblers can provide some protection.
  • connect with friends again- this may be a tricky time for some children who lost contact with school friends during lockdown. Remind your students to keep an eye out for other students in the playground who seem lonely but too shy to reach out. Also talk to your child’s teacher if they are finding it hard to add themselves to the dynamics of the classroom again.
  • keeping up momentum- home schooling was a hurdle for many students, now they are back at school their teachers will see more of what students can do in a face to face capacity. Remember to set clear and measurable goals for your student and acknowledge the key milestones.
  • physical health- exercising is great for the mind and body, make sure that you get out of the classroom at lunch and move your body.
  • spoil yourself with new stationary- there is nothing like a newsagency trip to reignite your energy for a new school year. Find your favourite things and don’t forget to label them.
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