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Dear Students and Families,

It’s NAPLAN month, and we wish all students participating the best of luck. This isn’t a time to stress, it is a time to thrive and show all of your learning and skills.

For all students end of semester assessments are also coming up. Please contact us now to book in your extra tutoring sessions as they will be snapped up really fast.


!!! REMINDER !!!

Please only attend Study Space if you are feeling healthy, and free of Covid-19 symptoms. All of our staff are fully vaccinated, we ask that any parents who attend the centre are also fully vaccinated, and everyone present in the centre will need to wear masks during their attendance and also use hand sanitiser on arrival.

If you or any member of your household has Covid-19 and you are required to isolate, your session will be transferred to a Zoom class. Any cancellations will require 48 hours’ notice, otherwise the session will require full payment. A reminder that cancellations are only applicable for illness-based appointments where we can provide some flexibility depending on when tutors are available. We request that you commit to all lessons during the term, cancellations outside of covid related illnesses will incur a cancellation fee.

It is important that you contact us to confirm and book in your Term 2 tutoring sessions. Much like school, we have changes to scheduling each term in regard to teachers’ availabilities and also the number of students in the centre during each session. We are also happy to explore other subjects that you would like to take up next term with our expert tutors.




We know that so many of you have the juggle of after school care and extra-curricular activities, and when homework is thrown into the mix it can be quite a lot to manage.

To support you, we have an integrated homework buddy program where our tutors can either teach the top line syllabus or purely focus on homework and focussing on what the school has set out for completion.

If you wanted to book in homework buddy sessions, then please contact us.



Now is the time to book your tutoring in preparation for mid-year assessments to ensure that school reports reflect all of the hard work your student has been doing so far this year.

Did you know that school reports are really important, especially if you are considering applying for a scholarship, a selective school or even an advanced class.

Weeks 5-7 this term are critical for learning and Study Space has extra classes over this time to help get students ready for whatever subject and skill set they are after, tutoring spots over this time do book up quickly.

Our opinion in why assessments are so important on a student’s learning journey:

  • test results are measurable and can provide a goal to work towards, this will then help them to achieve their own personal best not only in comparison to their peers
  • they prepare students for end of year exams and how to problem solve for next term
  • you can see where student’s skill sets lie, this helps with elective choices down the track
  • teachers get a stronger understanding of a student’s level and can plan their learning goals for the next half of the year

At Study Space we can help students practice for exams and help take some of the pressure off by using problem solving techniques, in depth content understanding and also make learning more fun.



Has your child changed their subjects this year? We are here to support you on your learning journey with expert tutors across these subjects:

  • Early learning
  • Kindy Prep
  • English as a second language
  • Literacy for K-2, 3-6: Including reading comprehension, writing and spelling and grammar booster classes.
  • Numeracy K-2, 3-6
  • Assignment assistance
  • Public speaking
  • Debating
  • Exam preparation
  • Inquiry learning
  • Organisation and study notes
  • High School English and Maths 7-10
  • Year 11 and HSC English all levels
  • Year 11 and HSC Maths all levels
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Modern history
  • Geography
  • Languages by request


Covid Guidelines At Study Space
To keep students and staff safe we are obliged to follow NSW health regulations.

  • All guests that attend Study Space are required to sign into the QR code
  • Hand sanitiser to be used upon entry to the centre
  • If parents or students are displaying any symptoms of covid they will need to change their session to a zoom tutoring session
  • All parents to wait outside for their students and socially distanced outside the centre
  • If parents interact with teachers or other students they need to be fully vaccinated.

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